DIY Cheap and Creative Gift Idea for a Parent


1. Make a list of some ‘house rules’ or values important to your family.

2. Find or saw planks of wood into rectangles of different sizes – 8 to 12 is advised, including one long plank of wood into which the other pieces will be nailed. Make sure this long plank fits all of the others, including the heading! Wipe down the wood if needed.

3. You could choose your own colour theme – my sister and I chose pastel colours for a more rural vibe. You could buy these paints or combine some basic colours to make several new ones – we made all of these colours using white, dark brown, yellow and dark blue paint. Paint each plank of wood on the front side and leave to dry overnight.

3. One by one, write or paint each rule/value onto each plank of wood. Instead of using black paint, we used permanent marker which proved much easier than paint would have! You could use a variety of fonts. If you lack artistic skills, like me, there is no shame in using a pencil first!

4. When the writing has dried, use a drill (if possible) to nail each plank onto the main one. Try and make sure they are straight first!


And here you have a cheap yet sentimental present for your parent or parents!


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